What Can Be the Average Cost of A Bathroom Remodel


Okay, are you planning to renovate the kitchen? It is great! Planning to renovate the kitchen is one of the most expensive ventures to take in your home. However, if you follow the right steps and consult with the right contractor, the price can reduce to half as the professional knows the exact way to save your money and renovate the kitchen in the best possible way. Bathroom remodeling can happen in various ways- It can be just altering the fixtures or renovating the entire bathroom. So, before you determine the bathroom remodeling average cost, make sure you know what you need.

Generally, the cost of bathroom renovation ranges from $5000-$35,000 depending upon the size of the room you want to renovate, the fixtures you want to install, and the amount of labor involved in the whole process. Prices of renovation also depend upon the quality of materials being used and the types of finishes used for renovation. The complete renovation involves:

  • Replacing the old bathroom fixtures.
  • Resurfacing and adjusting the layout.
  • Tiling the particular area.

As per the Housing Industry Association, the average bathroom renovation cost is around $17000 for bath renovations.

If you have a property worth $500,000, you will need to have a budget of around $25,000. This is because a bathroom renovation costs around 5% of the property’s total worth; hence, the bath renovation can increase the home value later if you ever want to sell it.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

Most of the builders charge around $45-$80 per hour for the bath renovation and provide their other associated services. However, the labor cost changes as per the state laws as there are different supply levels available in the state. Suppose you want to know the bathroom remodeling average cost. In that case, the best way is to consult with a renovation contractor who has several years of experience in this field and who will suggest you the best renovation budget as per your needs.

In most cases, the renovation companies make partnerships with the experts who collaborate on the project and offer the required services.

Factors That Affect The Total Renovate Cost Of The Bathroom Renovation

Various factors overall impact the cost of bathroom renovation, and if you know about the factors correctly, you are good to go.

  1. Size Of The Bathroom

The first and crucial point to keep in mind while renovating the bathroom is the same size. For example, if you need to have a small bathroom renovation, you might need around $5000-$100000 for the materials and the labor cost. These also include the installation of the toilet, vanity case, and other fixtures. You can consult with the professional bathroom renovation contractor who will come to the worksite and estimate the budget.

  1. Cost Of The Renovation Materials

The type of fittings and the fixtures you are installing will impact the overall cost of the bathroom renovation. For example, if you have a budget and want to install the standard type of basin and bath, you will need around $400 to cover all the materials’ expenses.

On the other hand, if you are planning to install the luxury features like floor heating and tiles that will impact the design of the bathroom, the cost of bathroom renovation will be more than you want. The fixtures that are complex to install are also put in the price determination of the renovation.

  1. The Fees Of The Professionals

In any bathroom renovation project, you will need to hire the plumber, the carpenters, the painters, plasterers, and the electricians who are all involved in the project. Hiring a professional will impact the overall cost of the bathroom renovation. So, it is better to discuss your needs with the professional before you hire the same.

The call-out charges are also essential to consider when you are organizing the budget for the bathroom renovation. For instance, the local plumber might demand a call0out fee of around $60-$100 depending upon the location of your house and their skills.

  1. What Are The Additional Services

Apart from the above factors, the additional cost also adds to the renovation cost at the end. The structural and sewerage work also influences the cost of your bath renovation. These tasks seek the plumbers and renovators that will incur the charge of complex renovations.

You have an idea regarding the renovation cost, but do you know how much maintenance is needed? All the renovated bathrooms need to have some maintenance to make the bathroom look great and new for a long time.

 Also, if it is adequately maintained, all the fixtures will work fine and great. Hence, for any time bath renovation, consult with the expert who will provide the estimated bathroom remodeling average cost after doing all the calculations regarding the changes and installations of bathroom fixtures.

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