July 2022


Ways A Cleaning Company Can Save You Money


Cleaning is one of those chores that everyone wants to avoid. It’s tiring and repetitive. If you need to get your home or business cleaned, you can search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire professionals for the job. Most people don’t realize that cleaning can save them a lot of money. Let’s check out ways a cleaning company can save you money.

The Details

  1. Missed opportunity cost – Life is already full of changes and the increasing wealth gap has reduced disposable income for most people. That’s why most people are hesitant on hiring a cleaning service for their home. While cleaning services do cost a good amount of money, hiring one is actually financially beneficial.

Cleaning costs vary according to the local economy, geography, size of your home, the scope of the cleaning service, and more such factors. The average cost of hiring a cleaning service in the US ranges anywhere from $100 to $200. For weekly cleaning service, it would cost you around $150 each week.

So hiring a cleaning company takes away a generous three figures from your bank account. But it also helps you make more money than you spend on hiring a cleaning company when you realize the missed opportunity cost. For instance, if you make around $50 an hour and spend around 5 hours on the weekend, you just lost the opportunity to make around $250 during that time.

So even if a weekly cleaning service costs you around $150, when you outsource the cleaning job and use that time to make more money, you’re still making a profit of $100. Even if you earn around $30 an hour, you break even the cost of hiring a weekly cleaning service. Moreover, it’s always a better option to hire a cleaning service even if you’re just breaking even.

When you use those 5 hours to work, you gain more experience in your field and get to hone your skills. This has long-term positive effects on your career. Even if you don’t want to work during that time, you can learn new skills and add them to your resume to get better job opportunities and increase your income in the future. Moreover, the cleaning company will do a better job at cleaning your home while you get work done.

  1. Cleaning supplies and equipment – When you clean your own home, you need to spend a lot of money on tools, supplies, and appliances. While the high amount of money spent on appliances and tools is apparent, supplies may seem like insignificant spending. However, when you add up that recurring cost, it amounts to an unexpectedly large figure.

An average family of four members spends around $50 each month on cleaning supplies. That means over the year you spend $600 on cleaning supplies. Homeowners with expensive hardwood or stone flooring spend even more on specialized and expensive cleaning supplies. If those homeowners spend around $10 more each month on those supplies, then that’s around $720 every year.

When you hire a cleaning company you don’t have to spend separately on cleaning supplies. Due to their commercial activities and a large customer base, cleaning companies always buy their supplies in bulk at a cheaper price and can pass you on the benefits. When you hire a cleaning company for weekly cleaning services, you just need to keep a couple of spot cleaning solutions and laundry detergent that won’t even amount to three figures in a year.

The scale of savings on cleaning tools and appliances is massive. Even if you ignore the cost of purchase, you can save a ridiculous amount of money on spares and servicing. Since your existing vacuum cleaner and other cleaning appliances would be used less, they would need less maintenance and break down less often. Moreover, you also save on labor costs.

  1. Medical costs – When you hire a cleaning company, your home stays free from mess and clutter. That means less dust and airborne particles and no foul smells. The kitchen also stays clean and that means you don’t attract or allow a population boom of rodents and pests. With improved overall hygiene and air quality, you are less likely to get sick and visit the doctor.

Some people think that this isn’t a significant saving since they are covered by the best medical insurance. However, all medical insurance policies in the US come in the form of deductibles or co-pay. Either way, you’ll be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars while the rest is covered by the insurance company.

When you hire a cleaning company you get to avoid those costs. Moreover, when you live in a clean and hygienic environment, you are less likely to develop chronic illnesses. Without the services of a cleaning company, you’ll spend a large chunk of your savings on the treatment of those long-term illnesses.

  1. More productivity – A cleaning company also makes you more productive. Research shows that when you live in an organized and clutter-free space, you are less likely to suffer from anxiety and stress. You’re more focused on your task, whether it’s paying bills, learning new things, or doing your job. That’s not all. When you’re more productive at work, you’re likely to do a better job and hit your career goals.

Studies have also shown that when people like in a clean and mess-free space, they are more likely to fall asleep more quickly. There are fewer distractions to wake you up in the middle of the night. In the morning you feel fresh when you have a good sleep and concentrate on your job. With that kind of momentum, you are more likely to increase your earnings in a shorter period compared to your peers.


It’s important to keep your home and business nice and clean to keep those spaces organized. A clutter-free space makes you more productive, helps you to avoid diseases, and has some great mental health benefits as well. That’s why hiring a cleaning service can save you a lot of money. If you want to hire one for cleaning your space, you just need to search for “home cleaning services near me”.

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Don’t Abandon Your Piano!

Hire a Moving Company

There are many movers raleigh, NC, but the answer depends on your required services. For example, if you need to move your piano from one place to another, you should go to a company that can transport it safely and securely to the new location. Below are some tips for evaluating the services offered by movers in Raleigh. Read on to learn more about the different moving companies in Raleigh, NC.

Researching movers in Raleigh

When researching movers raleigh, N.C., there are a few things to consider. First, the distance between points A and B determines which company to hire. For long-distance moves, you may consider hiring one of the larger national moving companies, which are more likely to be familiar with regulations and laws. Smaller, local movers are a better choice for short-distance moves and tend to offer better prices and flexible booking times.

To ensure a smooth move, make sure to hire a moving company that is licensed and bonded. Many North Carolina cities require moving trucks and large vehicles to have a parking permit. However, moving companies must be licensed by the NCUC-C. Although you may not need a moving permit, submitting a change of address form to the USPS a week or two before moving is a good idea. In addition, you may have to reserve an elevator for the day of the move.

Companies that offer a range of moving services

Companies that offer a range of moving services can cater to the specific needs of your move. You can find a company that can provide a full range of moving services in Raleigh. However, those who need to move many items will benefit from a company that offers a range of specialty moving services. Moving companies in Raleigh that offer special services include relocation. These moving companies specialize in various areas, including packing and loading, furniture re-arranging, and appliance hookups.

Fortunately, there are many companies in the Raleigh area that offer a variety of services. For instance, Athens Moving Experts provides moving services for both local and long-distance moves. They also offer special services like moving older adults or helping them move their homes safely. They can also help you find a storage facility to store your belongings while settling into your new home. In addition to providing a range of moving services, they offer full-service packing, including packing supplies, crating, and temporary storage solutions.

Companies that have a large storage facility

Moving is stressful enough without the added stress of finding a place to store your belongings. Companies with a large storage facility for movers raleigh can help make the process easier by arranging flexible storage options. For example, PODS portable containers are ideal for college students and their belongings. Many companies also provide professional packing services and supplies for college students. They can also offer crates to protect delicate items.

Athens Moving Experts is a company specializing in residential and commercial moves. They specialize in residential and commercial moves. The company also provides packing and unpacking services and long-distance and local storage, including climate-controlled spaces. Other benefits include pre-move assembly and piano moving services.

Companies that provide piano moving services

If you’re planning to move, you may be wondering what it will cost to move a piano. Although pianos have a sturdy exterior, their insides are delicate and highly tuned. During a move, damage to a piano can seriously affect its ability to play music. Therefore, it is essential to use the services of a professional piano moving company to move your piano. Below are some companies that offer piano moving services in Raleigh, NC.

Before hiring a piano moving company, ensure they have an experienced team. Some moving companies specialize in pianos, while others don’t. Check their references and ask for recommendations from other piano owners. Once you’ve chosen a company, hire their team of expert packers. For example, the piano movers N.C. team includes specialized packers who know how to wrap and move a piano properly. They’ll also ensure that the piano arrives in one piece.

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