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What Are Your Piling Needs?

No foundation can be laid or building can be constructed without piling. If you are developing a property, you need to keep this fact in mind. By working with a piling company that is well recognised in the field, you can ensure building success.

What Is Piling and Why Is it Important?

To understand the importance of piling or construction piles, you first need to define piling. Piling provides the support a building that is made of steel, wood, timber, or concrete needs. A pile is a long, cylindrical structure that is usually made of concrete inserted below the ground.

Building a Pile Foundation

A pile foundation consists of piles that link to a pile cap. This enables the foundation to hold more of a load than a single pile can maintain. Pile caps are concrete blocks that connect to pile heads. This type of construction is recommended when a soil’s surface is weak. If the top soil layer cannot support a structure, the building loads will go through the layer and a more solid soil or rock layer. This can be extremely beneficial when the structure being built is a water tank, bridge, or high-rise.

Driving a Pile into the Soil

Piling contractors use a driver to hammer or drive piles into the soil. To facilitate the process, piling personnel drive the pile vertically using a heavy weight, which is dropped on the pile. A pile cannot be inserted past the juncture where the ground toughens and therefore will not go past that point in the soil.

Specialised Piles

Some piles in the construction industry are specialised piles. Micro piles and helical piles are not hammered into the ground. Instead, micro piles are dug into the soil for use and helical piles are drilled and then rotated and pushed into the soil.

Knowing the Vocabulary

When you contact a piling contractor about your current building project, it is good to know some of the vernacular when discussing your project. Ask any questions and take notes of any enquiries that you want to ask before you make a decision as to whom you will select.

Other Services Provided by Piling Specialists

Piling specialists can also help you with corrections for the settlement of foundations or assist in testing borings. You can also request services such as the installation of anchors or tiebacks. When foundation settlement is an issue, specialists in the field can use underpinning to address problems as well as lifting settled foundations of industrial, business, and residential buildings.

Review the Services Online

Once you find out more about the various installations and corrections that you can make, you can better discuss piling and other related needs. Take time today to review online the piling, anchoring, or correction offerings for your specific structure. For example, helical piles can be used to stabilise settling foundations as well as uphold new foundations. Therefore, piles are designed for specific building plans. Know all you can about this type of support work; go online and research the services. Take time today and compare the services of piling professionals in your area.

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