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Understanding the Grandmillennial Interior Design Movement

History is known to repeat itself; the same theory applies to trends. In the early 2000s, wearing neon colours made a comeback. The return of trends, however, does not only apply to clothing wear, it also applies to design trends.

In this article, we are going to discuss one particular trend, the grandmillenial design movement. In short, this trend sees the returns of wallpaper, floral curtain,s and large prints, think of the kind of furnishings your grandparents may have within their home.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys playing around with different fabrics, textures, and prints, the grandmillenial design trend might be something you’d like to try. An excellent way to practice this would be to dedicate specific spaces, such as attics or log cabins, those rooms that lend themselves to design experimentation, and decorate them in this style. They can be used as relaxation spaces, or even spare and spare accommodation for visitors. If you enjoy meeting new people, you could rent them out as Airbnbs.

One key aspect to focus on is the overall vintage look with a touch of modern style. As an example for a bedroom, this can be achieved by hanging a minimalistic mirror on a florally wallpapered wall, having a comfortable wingback chair in a corner, and a modern bed and base set covered with soft knitted textures or Chintz scatter cushions.

You could incorporate a retro-style teapot into your grandmillenial kitchen by displaying it on your modern stove and using it functionally to brew a fresh pot of tea.

A lounge kitted out in this style might include monochromatic drapes, large floral print armchairs, and a patterned rug. It is important that your grandmillenial space reflects who you are and what kind of personality you have, without it looking chaotic and cluttered. The desired end effect should be a ‘granny-chic’ space.

Grand millennial bathrooms are styled in the look of vintage powder rooms – think floral wallpaper, a picture in a gilt-edged frame, and a cabinet painted in a soft, pastel shade. An excellent way to incorporate modern finishings in such a space could be to install modern mixer taps or an old glass shower.

One clear advantage of decorating your home in this particular style is that you are likely to find many articles for your space at thrift stores and flea markets. Procuring items from suppliers such as these are likely to be more cost-effective than purchasing from large retail vendors.

Whether you decide to change your entire home or just one room is up to you. We hope that these tips steer you in a nostalgic direction and that you will thoroughly enjoy your new ‘old-fashioned’ design project.

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