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Bring Out the Natural Beauty in Your Home or Office

When it comes to the design of a home or an office, there may be areas that need to be blocked off by balustrading. This is usually done for safety, yet there are many decorative options. Stairs, pools, and balconies may require balustrades to keep people from falling or passing a certain barrier. Glass is a beautiful choice for this type of project. It brings out the natural beauty of the area and works with any type of décor.


Popular uses for glass balustrading in WA are indoor staircases and balconies. These are present in both homes and businesses. Large, multi-floor shopping centres may use glass balustrades to line the upper floors. These are often open to the floors below. Glass allows excellent visibility and does not take away from the other scenery. Glass balustrades on home stairways and indoor balconies compliment a modern décor, as well.


Homes may also have outdoor balconies that extend off the upstairs bedrooms. Traditional wooden or metal rails can be an issue when visibility is concerned. Families with children may also feel that the individual posts are not safe for children. Glass forms a solid barrier, eliminating the problem of children sticking their arms and legs through the spaces. Homeowners that have a pool may also be concerned about safety.

Children tend to gravitate towards an open pool. Even toddlers that learn to open doors may wander out to the pool and fall in. Glass balustrading offers a clear view of the pool with no chance of access. Kids can enjoy looking at the pool, but they cannot enter the closed off area. Many gates for pools do not offer this visibility, making kids even more curious about what is behind the gate.


The most attractive part of glass balustrading may be the easy maintenance. Wooden balustrades must be polished on a regular basis to look presentable. The finish also wears down over the years. This makes it necessary to sand, strip, and place a fresh stain on this type of railing. Metal railing may rust and need to be refinished, as well. Glass simply needs to be wiped down to remove dirt and fingerprints. This is the only maintenance necessary for many years. This can be a relief for families that have spent decades caring for wood railings.

Glass has been used for a long time as a railing option in business areas, such as shopping centres. It is gaining popularity in modern homes, however. It allows for better visibility and safety on upstairs balconies and provides excellent durability. Small children can look out through them to see the scenery from a balcony or the pool outside. Maintenance is much easier with glass. There is no need to polish, sand, or stain. You can simply clean and go. Glass also goes with any décor, as it does not add any colour or odd designs. Inquire about glass balustrades when you are building or renovating your home.

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