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3 Instances Where Replacing Your Roof is the Recommended Option

Our roofs are vitally important, no home would exist without one. As we do our annual checks, we shouldn’t notice any major issues with our roof, but sometimes we do. Our roof’s naturally experience some wear and tear as they are exposed to the elements all year round without reprieve. While most of the time your roof only needs minor repairs, there are times when it is best to replace the entire structure. Roof repair cost in Exeter is among the most affordable in the southwest of England.

Before things spiral out of control, it is important to maintain your roof, and qualified roofers offer a range of different repair services.

  • Replacing missing tiles and slates
  • Repairing leaks
  • Repairing chimneys
  • Repointing chimneys
  • Chimney flashings

Here are 3 situations where your roof will need to be replaced, rather than repaired.

  1. Aging Roof > If you notice multiple shingles missing from your roof and other problems are starting to occur, you should think about the age of the structure before you repair it. If your shingles are over 15 years old, or your concrete tiles are over 30 years on your roof, replacing it is a better option.
  2. Selling Your Home > If your roof is in a bad condition, it is advisable to replace the structure rather than repairing it. A damaged or old roof will scare potential buyers away.
  3. Damage is Spreading > An obvious time to replace your roof is when you notice multiple issues.

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