Safety First: 5 Tips For Improving Home Safety


Let’s face it: you simply don’t know if your home will be the target of thieves. Burglars can either be calculated or opportunistic, either planning their move or popping in when they see an opening.

It’s an unfortunate aspect of society, but there are numerous ways you can increase your home’s security, including putting your valuables away, making it look like you’re home (even when you’re not!) and installing security measures like security doors.

There are Amplimesh security doors for prices that truly accentuate their value, making them a fantastic way to keep burglars out of the home. But that’s just one option – let’s take a look at some of the other ways you can keep your possessions safe when you’re away from home.

  • Keep your valuables out of sight

I mean, it’s good to be modest, anyway, but one of the best things to do to ensure you aren’t a target for robbers is to keep your valuables out of sight. If you have a top class television, keep it away from street view; if you have a luxury car, keep it in the garage. You don’t want to make yourself an obvious choice for robbers by shoving your riches in everyone’s faces. We’re sorry – but that’s just how it is!

  • Make it look like you’re at home

In the pandemic era, we’ve found ourselves at home a lot more than in the past. But it’s not going to be like this for too much longer, and when us Australians are allowed to get out and about a bit more we might want to consider keeping our possessions safe when we’re out partying!

One of the best ways to do this is by making it look like you’re home even when you’re not! How? It’s simple, really: you can do things like leave an energy-efficient light on for the few hours you’re out of the home or, if you’re going away for a while, have a friend or, at least, a friendly neighbour mow your lawn and collect your mail for you so it doesn’t seem like you’ve taken off forever with your valuables acting as sitting ducks for robbers.

  • Overly concealing can be cruisy for robbers

This may sound counter-intuitive, but you don’t necessarily want to overly-conceal your home, as this can provide cover for robbers to enter your home and cruise around it without the view of any helpful neighbours picking up on their entry. Things like high-hedge fences provide perfect cover for a robber as they traverse your garden and enter your home, so if you’ve been thinking about getting rid of that old, struggling hedge – perhaps it’s time to do so!

  • Install security doors

Security doors are designed to keep out robbers. They are manufactured using high quality materials that can’t be jabbed or obstructed by a robber’s nefarious entry methods. Furthermore, they come with a range of benefits like unobstructed views outside, optimal airflow and bushfire compliance. They are a great way of improving the safety and security of the home without sacrificing ventilation and a good view of the front yard.

  • Avoid glassy doors

On the note of security doors – try to avoid doors where there is glass near the handles – they can be easily smashed through for a burglar to then open the door from the inside. Sure, they can look pretty, but they are trouble for people looking to avoid a robbery.

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