How to make more space in your condo


Condos are unarguably one of the best solutions to residential problems in the city. However, one of the challenges of the condo is its small space. If you are considering getting a condo or you have rented one already, you can invest in condo renovation to get the most from your condo. It is possible to make more space in your condo. As a result, 5 ways to get more space out of a small condo:

1. Use Multipurpose Furniture In The Living Room

One of the best ways to get more space out of a small condo is to use multipurpose furniture in the living room. The convertible or multipurpose furniture can serve as seats for you and guests and you can convert the furniture into a comfortable spot when you want to relax. Rather than buying a regular sofa, you should consider buying a sofa bed. Besides, use a folding coffee table that can be arranged and used as stools for sitting and folded back to save space.

2. Install Wall Cabinets

Another condo renovation you can consider to get more space from your condo is to get rid of bulky cabinets and big racks in your kitchen. You can stick to the built-in cabinets and install wall cabinets to take care of items you used to keep in the bulky cabinets. You can also add open shelves to keep away several kitchen items. This will give you more free space to move in the kitchen. Your kitchen will not look overcrowded. You can also install slim shelves on the walls instead of decals or cabinets that take up space.

3. Choose a Storage Bed

Another way to get more space from a small condo is to put a storage bed in the room. Storage beds have compartments for keeping items and belongings that you do not use frequently. Besides, some storage beds have headboards, additional space to store your belongings. This will help create free space in the room as your bed will help keep clutters away.

4. Fix the Bathroom

Condo renovation continues with a quick fix to the bathroom. Make your bathroom classy and compact. Take out unnecessary cabinets or furniture to make your bathroom look more spacious. Fix a floating shelf to the wall to store toiletries and other essentials.

5. Play The Colour Game

One of the ways to make a small condo look bigger is to paint the walls with pastel and neutral colours. The all-light palette works best to make the room lighter and bigger. The walls painted with lighter colours will create an illusion of a wider space.


When you are thinking about the right condo renovation for you, consider the 5 ways to get more space out of a small condo discussed above. The tips will let you have more space in your small condo.

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